Chisolm Not Happy With Postponement

Last updated : 25 February 2010 By Queens MAD

The Official Queen's website reports:



Our latest postponement at Inverness this morning again makes a mockery of Scottish football. Once more our loyal supporters made a fruitless journey north only for the game to be called off by the referee at 11.30 am. The Queens' official party were already at their hotel in Inverness and Gordon Chisholm was none too pleased to say the least. The manager raged, "That's three times in the space of a couple of months this has happened and I again feel heart sorry for our supporters. It's a ten hour round trip and once more it has cost them money. Someone should be answerable for this fiasco. "What makes it even worse is the fact that both clubs involved, Caley Thistle and Dunfermline, actually have undersoil heating! But it couldn't have been switched on early enough. There's no doubt in my mind that this most recent game should have been called off yesterday after that initial park inspection at 12.30. Even this morning I was on the pitch with the Chairman and other club officials for an agreed 9.30 am inspection. It was obvious then that the game had no chance of being played, but we had to wait until 11.30 am before the referee arrived to inspect it and officially postpone it. "The overnight stay was also costly for the club itself, but again it was our fans that suffered most! This situation regarding postponements is now totally out of control and I can only describe the whole scenario as a shambles". Even the Queens' 'stay at home fans' had their say on the 'Websites'. Said one, "Waiting until 11.30 this morning to call the match off was stupid. They just had to listen to the weather forcast on Thursday to know that the game had NO CHANCE of going ahead. Again our travelling fans have been 'screwed' by complete and utter stupidity". Added another, "This whole fiasco has been really messy to say the least and once again I feel for our travelling support". And yet another stressed, "At a time when Scottish football is at an 'all time low' is it any wonder that attendances are dwindeling as fans are sick of being misled by certain clubs".

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