Football Fears Brexit

Last updated : 21 May 2016 By Queens MAD




British football could be radically changed if the UK votes to leave the European Union, according to experts and leading voices in the game.

Some fear so-called Brexit could lead to more than 400 players losing the right to play in the UK, while others say it may give home talent a chance.

The UK will decide if it wants to stay in the EU in a referendum on 23 June.

"Leaving the EU will have a much bigger effect on football than people think," said football agent Rachel Anderson.

"We're talking about half of the Premier League needing work permits.

"The short-term impact would be huge but you could argue it will help in the long term as it could force clubs to concentrate on home-grown talent."

Some Leave campaigners, such as Brian Monteith of, argue that a post-Brexit UK could lower freedom-of-movement restrictions on the rest of the world which would "broaden the talent pool, not reduce it".