Increase In Palmerston Admission Prices

Last updated : 05 June 2010 By Queens MAD


During the past three seasons admission prices to games at Palmerston Park have remained at the same level. Following our success in reaching the Scottish Cup Final in 2008 and then playing in Europe the following Season the Board of Directors decided not to increase admission prices. For the current Season they again decided to retain prices at the same level in recognition of the recession that gripped the Country at that time.




At the same time they have attempted to provide a successful team on the park, playing attractive football. Unfortunately this did not result in the crowds attending games to be anything like as high as had been hoped for.



As you will all be well aware during Season 2008 - 2009 the Club operated at a loss of £477,000. This cannot continue and as well as making savings in the running of the club the Directors find it necessary to restructure the pricing for next Season.




Single Admission



Season Ticket


















Over 65 years












Under 12 years


Junior Blues













Between 12 and 16 years


Blues Club









reduce to £50 until 14.8.10









Full time Education













Disabled and Carer



£6 each



£100 each



£8 each




These prices are in keeping with the charges levied at other clubs in the First Division.


I'm sure that you will understand the reasons for this decision and hope that you will continue to support the Club.




David Rae