Queens And Annan Chairmen Share Views On League Reconstruction

Last updated : 17 December 2010 By Queens MAD

Queen's Chairman
Davie Rae
A MAJOR Scottish football shake-up has met with a mixed response from the chairmen of Queens and Annan Athletic reports the Dumfries and Galloway Standard.

The top two divisions would each contain 10 teams with the remaining ones regionalised under proposals made by a working group charged with improving our game.

Under the guidelines, there would be a promotion/relegation switch as well as play-offs between the two top divisions.

The season would start earlier and contain a winter break. Perhaps most radically of all, the SPL and SFL is to merge into a single body.

Both men are eager for change - but neither are confident the proposals will bring the shot in the arm Scottish football needs.

Doonhamers chairman Davie Rae said: "I would have thought making the divisions bigger, rather than smaller, would be better.

"We already have a situation when you could face the same team five or six times in the one season."

Rae is also unsure about the winter shutdown. He said: "Instead of a break during winter, the season should run through the summer.

"It would get more people to come watch during fairer weather.

"But the important thing is that people are seriously talking about change, because it is needed."

Galabankies chief Henry McClelland likes the regionalised lower levels, but isn't sure about the smaller divisions idea.

He said: "We've been thoroughly enjoying our adventure as a senior team, but I'm not sure 10-team leagues is the answer.

"Regionalising the lower leagues does make sense, but there needs to be a pyramid system in place to allow teams to rise.

"We're only in the league because Gretna folded. If they hadn't, we'd still be in the lower leagues, and I think there's something flawed about that."