Queens return a profit

Last updated : 25 January 2017 By Queens Mad




Queens have returned a profit of £130,418 for the financial year ending May 2015. In a letter to shareholders further information reveals that turnover is slightly down from £1,613,728 to £1,605,151. The value of the Arena in 30th Nov 2015 was £660,000 but has since increased
by £80,000 and the profit on rent now exceeds what was previously received from Tesco.

The following statement was also released - A resolution has been placed before members by the Queens Trust requesting the election of a Trust representative to the Board of Directors. As a Board of Directors we do not believe this will be beneficial to the company.
We are happy to engage with supporters,both individually and as groups, through direct contact and also via the new officers of Supporters Liaison Officer and Diasability Access Officer. However we believe that the addition of an univited director to the Board will complicate matters and make the actual running of the company more difficult. The Board has operated smoothly in a streamlined mannersince it was reduced to 3 directors in 2012 and we would prefer that this situation continues for the foreseable future.

Accordingly,the Board of Directors does not support this resolution.

The Board of Directors looks forward  to welcoming as many as possible to the AGM which will take place at the Nith Hotel,Glencaple on the 20th Feb 2017 at 1930 hours