Last updated : 04 July 2005 By Duke Of Galloway
The Queen of the South squad went through a tough training session, including a full scale practise match at the Crichton Campus,Dumfries on Saturday in preperation for the friendly match against Queens Park on Wednesday. The squad looked very sharp indeed with strikers McNiven and Lyle in good form. Warren Pearson was in charge as Iain Scott is off for a well earned holiday and wont be back until next week. There were several absentees from the squad noitceably Thomson,Wood,ONeill ,Scott and Barnard but I am assured all will be ready for the new season. The Crichton Campus is a first class facility and it's a pity that Queens can't secure it's use for the entire season. It seem that certain factions in Dumfries are not really giving Queens their full support.