Rebranding Of Scottish Leagues

Last updated : 24 July 2013 By Queens MAD



Neil Doncaster says the rebranding of the Scottish leagues to mirror the English setup has been done in the hope of giving greater prominence to the second tier.

The country's top division will be known as the Scottish Premiership going forward but the other three tiers of the SPFL will be known as Championship, League One and League Two, as is the case with tiers two, three and four respectively down south.

"People are certainly familiar with what it represents," said the chief executive of the new league body. "When the names were changed in England we saw the Championship being elevated in terms of stature within the game. Our sincere hope is that will also be the case here.

"Many of the changes we have created [are] in terms of distribution, with around £1.5m being redistributed away from the top division into the second tier, to have play-offs that are going to keep the division alive within the Scottish Championship right the way to the end.

"So much of the benefit will be about the Championship clubs and ensuring full-time professional football is viable at that level. I'd be delighted if we do achieve the elevation in terms of the Championship that has been created elsewhere."

The new league body is yet to secure a title sponsor for its first season but Doncaster believes his organisation is getting closer to doing a deal.

He said: "We have only be in existence for three weeks. We've got the clarity and the structure that people will be investing in. We've got the branding and the names that people can start associating with the different tiers of football in this country. Let's see where we get to.

"I am confident with what we have got, particularly with the benefit of four more years of clarity with broadcaster with Sky and BT, puts us in a very good place for conversations with sponsors and partners going forward.

"Let's wait and see. Certainly conversations are ongoing. I know people are excited by the prospects for the game within a 42 club single league in this country.

"I'm hopeful we will end up with the right deal with the right partner going forward."