SPL preparing to dangle cash carrot

Last updated : 15 December 2010 By Lord Palmerston

THE Premier League are preparing to dangle a cash carrot in front of the SFL clubs they want to join an SPL 2 - by increasing prize money in the First Division tenfold reports the Daily Record..

One of the plans going in front of the SPL next week is to form a second tier of 10 clubs, including eight of the current First Division sides.

That will allow clubs such as Dunfermline, Ross County, Morton, Queen of the South, Falkirk, Partick Thistle and Dundee - depending on the outcome of their appeal this week - the chance to increase their revenue massively.

The First Division winners currently coin in £70,000 with the rest being handed just £10,000 less by the SFL.

But under the new proposals the SPL 2 champions would bank up to £700,000.

The cash currently given to the bottom two in the present SPL - around £1.5million - would then be redistributed down the second tier.

This would more or less wipe out the running deficit of every club in the First Division, with most believed to be presently operating at a level which ensures a six-figure loss without investment from the boardroom.

A source said : "You can see why these proposals would be very attractive to Division One teams.

"At the moment most of the clubs in the division run at a loss of £100,000 or more so it would wipe that out and allow them to break-even.

"It would certainly make the second tier far more competitive as well as securing their futures as full-time clubs."