Yorkston Blasts Spl

Last updated : 05 January 2011 By QUEENS MAD

Scottish football revamp: SPL must listen to fans and expand for the good of the game, says John Yorkston

DUNFERMLINE chairman John Yorkston has blasted the SPL for not listening to fans' views on proposals to revamp the SPL reports the DAILY RECORD

Yorkston's side currently lead the First Division and would be directly affected by proposals for a top flight of 10 and an SPL 2. After almost 90 per cent voted against the change in an across-the-board survey by Supporters Direct, Yorkston feels punters are being short-changed by the game's rulers.

He said: "We had a league of 10 before and it didn't work. We changed to 12 and, seemingly, it's not working either. So tell me what difference is going back to 10 going to make?

"Nothing will change except for the fact the league could become even more cut-throat.

"A cut-throat league will make teams scared to develop youngsters and our game won't progress.

"Why haven't the fans had a bigger say? I saw one poll which was done across the board where 88 per cent were against two leagues of 10.

"If it had been a phone-in where 90 per cent of the fans were Celtic or Rangers fans I wouldn't give it much notice but this was a proper survey of all clubs. The supporters' message is clear, they want real change.

"They want what I see as the only appropriate move forward - a 16 or 18-team league.

"There would be fewer games, fans would be more inclined to turn up and the cup competitions could be revamped to increase revenue.

"I'm not alone on this. I know of a lot of SPL clubs who want a bigger league and a lot of First Division clubs who also favour that.

"No one has been in touch with the First Division clubs yet these changes affect us.

"They affect everyone right down to the teams chasing promotion from the Second Division, yet no one consults us."

League reconstruction could also see lower-league sides - outwith the rebranded top two divisions - change to regional divisions.

Yorkston added: "Everyone knows there has to be change in Scottish football but I'm finding very few people who agree with these proposals. I've spoken to a lot of lower-league chairman and every one - with the exception of one - is against regional divisions.

"We must all get a say in this because the changes don't affect 10 or 12 teams, they affect everyone."