Your Club Needs You

Last updated : 26 January 2011 By Lord Palmerston

In an exclusive interview with the `Standard` our Chairman, David Rae issued a rallying call to all Queens` fans for help.... Writes Bill Goldie on Queens Official Website.

He stated"We need you more than ever!"

A significant drop in income has left the club in the the grip of a cash crisis and the club is struggling to pay bills after no real income for over two months.

Admitted the Chairman himself, "November 13th was our last home league game so we have not had the cash flow that comes from playing matches at Palmerston.

"We are needing revenue because we are finding it hard just now to pay bills and people are having to wait.

"We have to be focused on the next three months until the season ends as we have 12 home league games which we hope can replenish the coffers of Queen of the South Football Club.

"For the good welfare of Queens we need as many fans as possible into Palmerston so that we can get cash flowing and pay off some bills.

"We need to get the support in the next 12 games, that is vital for the club, and also have a fundraising effort. It will stop all of this talk about administration and will get the club out of trouble."

The chairman declined to go into exact figures on how much cash the club needs to `steady the ship` but admitted that a `substantial amount` was required.

He added: "We started the season off having to cut back on budgets and the wage bill, but what we didn't budget for was having so many home games postponeded. That has left us in the position we are in.

"For example, over Christmas we had two big home matches against Morton and Dundee. For both of those, hospitality was `sold out`, and that meant a loss of thousands of

pounds to the club. And let`s not forget the lost gate receipts, the money spent in the bar and programme sales for those games.

"You expect to have one or two games called off in winter but this year has really hit us hard."

But David Rae says he has been astounded by the response of the fans so far to the club's current situation and praised a recent £6,000 donation from the Market Square Barflies Supporters Club which is based at the Globe Inn, Dumfries.

He added: "The donation from the Barflies has been greatly appreciated by this club and the response of the fans in organising events to support the club's finances has been incredible."