Last updated : 03 November 2005 By Duke Of Galloway
Speaking on Radio Solway, Queens Chairman David Rae explained that Iain Scott had to go after a string of bad results and falling attendances. He also stated that the Queens board were in no rush to appoint a new manager although several enquiries had been made over the telephone. This surely gives the green light for Stuart Lovell to have a go at the job although he has said he will only take it for a few weeks. The Dumfries Standard also reports that "The last few days had seen message
Lovell - temporary
boards inundated with fans who had had enough and wanted Scott out the door" the Standard also went on to say " The manager always claimed not to read these sites or newspapers. But he must have known that the pressure was on him and his players to deliver results quickly". Scott's assistant Warren Pearson has again shown tremendous loyalty to the club and has decided to stay on in some capacity. Warren has a successful career outside football and could have walked away but he has decided to stay and Queens fans should be grateful. Early soundings from supporters as to the appointment of a permanent manager indicate Allan Maitland,Ian McCall or John Connolly could be in the frame. The return of Connolly could be unpoular amongst many Queens fans but the appointment of McCall who is a local man, could appeal to many. McCall has been a life long fan of Queens but it will depend on his wage demands and whether he still considers he has a future as a Premier League coach. Whoever takes over will have a massive job and will have to struggle with a low budget and a pool of players who have have just failed to perform so far this season. He also will have to contend with the growing threat of Gretna with their massive budget, who seem determined to undermine Queens at every opportunity. Reports of the Gretna reserves on a winning bonus against Queens on Tuesday must be setting the alarm bells ringing at Palmerston. We have however a large and loyal support and hopefully Queens will prevail and I expect a larger than usual crowd at Palmy on Saturday to support Stuart Lovell and the team as they try and overcome Clyde.