Shanty Tam's Copenhagen Diary

Last updated : 06 November 2011 By Shanty Tam



Monday 25th August

0300 - Bid farewell to my dear wife who wished Queens well and promptly rolled over and went back to sleep. Our cat Moira followed me out to the car in search of a mouse for breakfast. Departed Rockcliffe on the Costa Colvend and headed off through the drizzle for Dumfries to meet theTravel Club bus at Burns Statue.

0330 - Dropped off my car at Lord Palmerston's residence and headed towards Burns Staue. On arrival at Burns Statue spotted Young Billy with his pal having a snooze in the shop doorway next to the bus stop. Both were fully kilted and were recovering from a heavy night in CHANCERS. More Travel Club punters started to arrive including my old pals Harry and Jane from Dalbeattie.

0430 - Houston's Bus arrived with some punters from Locharbriggs and very soon we were on our way to pick up the Corbett family on Glasgow Street and then Mr and Mrs Hotrod at Jock's Loaning. Everyone looked resplendent in their kilts and Queens tops.

0510 - Emergency Pee stop south of Kirkconnel. For one scary moment we thought we had lost Harry in the burn but he eventually appeared out of the gloom much to the relief of his wife Jane. We were soon on our way again speeding up the Nith Valley towards Prestwick.

0645 - Arrived at Prestwick Airport and after checking in had a sit down in the departure lounge. Managed to resist the Full Scottish Breakfast which was on offer however Harry and Jane decided to share one - a decision Harry was to regret later.

0755 - Ryanair FR 402 took off and after a slightly lumpy flight arrived at Stanstead around 0905. By this time the Full Scottish Breakfast was playing havoc with Harry's bowels so Jane had to get some pills and after a long visit to the toilet things stabilised and we all headed for the Irish Bar to wait for our later flight to Copenhagen.

0952 - Jimbo has his first pint of lager and the Corbett family get tore into their full English Breakfast. Although a bit tired everyone was in great spirits and getting some curious looks from other travellers some of whom obviously hadn't seen a kilt before.

1230 - Suitably refreshed we all checked in and went through security which was a pain as a belts and sporrans had to be removed.

1350 - Easyjet Flight 3465 took off for Copenhagen and most of the passengers seemed to be Queens supporters. Had some good banter with the Flight Attendants who were fascinated by the variety of kilts.

1635 - Arrived in Copenhagen Airport after a smooth flight and very soon Harry,Jane and myself were negotiating the Copenhagen transport system and caught a train into the Central Station. Harry and I were getting some approving looks from the locals especially the ladies who seemed to like the kilts. Eventually arrived at the Central Station and then went in search of our Hotel.

1700 - After a 10 minute walk we found the Absalon Hotel which seemed to be bang in the centre of the thriving Red Light district. Checked into the Hotel and made arrangements with Harry and Jane to meet in the lobby at around 1900. There was splendid view of a sex shop and a constant stream of Street Ladies from the window in my room.

1900 - After a shower and rest met Harry and Jane and headed off towards the Dubliner pub. When we arrived at the Dubliner it was already jumping with many familiar faces there. Managed to grab a bite to eat and very soon the party was in full swing. Met several interesting people including Nornam Blount and Willie Johnstone from the BBC. Most of the Queens Mad Message Board seemed to be there with Telboy keeping everyone going with his provocative sense of humour. The next few hours were hard to recollect but I eventually ran out of steam around midnight and decided to toddle back to my Hotel. On the way back I had to navigate past several dusky maidens who were offering me sexual favours but once they knew I was not interested they kept their distance. However I was glad to reach the safety of my room and soon my head was on the pillow and flaked out as they say.

Tuesday 26th August

0700 - Was woken up by the constant chatter of the street ladies who were negotiating terms with their early morning clients, I also distinctly remember someone bawling out the Railway Song. I had a belter of a sore head obviosly induced by too many Tuborgs so I decided to get up and have a shower. Felt much better after a shower and a couple of Aspros so decided to have a look at the Continental breakfast which was on offer. Managed to force down a glass of orange juice and some toast and then headed out for an early morning stroll in the Copenhagen drizzle.

0830 - Headed up to the City Hall and there were Queens fans everywhere and several Danes approached me to shake my hand and wish my team luck. A women from Thornhill with tears in her eyes who now lives in Copenhagen came up and gave me a hug and muttered Come on the Queens.

1100 - Returned to the Hotel to pick up my camera gear and made arrangements to meet Harry and Jane in the Dubliner for lunch at 1300.

1300 - Arrived at the Dubliner and the songs were already belting out with Queens flags hanging everywhere. Enjoyed a Sausage and Onion roll washed down with a pint of Tuborg. Met Gus Broon the Dubliner owner who was delighted with the conduct of the Queens fans.

1500 - Transport arrived for Farum Park and very soon we were at the delightful home of our Danish hosts. Farum Park was part of a sports complex and a hotel was built into the ground. It was far superior to anything I've seen in Scotland and apparantly is owned by the local council. Our hosts had laid on a BBQ along with a little jazz band and very soon the Queens fans were making the best of the facilities. There was a tremedous atmosphere building up although not much was seen of the Danish fans.

1830 - Made my way round to the away stand to set up my camera gear and was approached by Lars Mathiasen of Danish TV for an interview prior to kick-off. The atmosphere was electric prior to kick-off and I've rarely heard so much noise from 800/900 fans. My interview went out live on Danish TV and I had just enough time to return to my seat before the teams took the field.

1900 - The noise was amazing as Queens kicked off and the Railway Song was getting belted out with great gusto.

1903 - Sheer bedlam as Bomber Harris puts Queens 1-0 up with a piledriver of a free-kick.

1915 - Queens are well on top and hunting for a second goal with Kean going close. Big Sean is felled outside the box but resultant free-kick come to nothing. Burns almost sets up Keane but the Danish keeper saves.

1945 - Queens leave the field to a standing ovation whilst the Palmy Army get tore into the delicious Hot Dogs and low alcoholic beer.

2000 - Queens kick-off for the second half but Nordsjaelland look a more determined side now.

2015 - The Danes started to come more into the game as the Doonhamers go in search of the elusive second goal. Big Sean misses a good chance and Burns also goes close. The Dobmeister comes on to try and grab the elusive second goal but to no avail.

2040 - Queens UEFA adventure is almost over when Benburg squeezes the ball in for Nordsjaelland. This setback does not deter the Palmy Army who are still belting out the Railway Song.

2045 - A further mortal blow for Queens as Benburg grabs his second and bang goes our UEFA dream.

2046 - The referee blows his whistle for full-time but the Palmy Army is still singing and the Queens players run over and throw their shirts into the crowd. Feel rather flat yet proud as we make our way out of Farum Park. A delightful Danish lady runs up and says sorry and gives me a free sauasage and a glass of beer. The punters on the Bus going back on bus to Copenhagen were remarkably upbeat but I felt rather low because Queens went very close.

2115 - Arrived back in Copenhagen and as most punters headed up the Stroget to drown their sorrows, I headed for my Hotel picking up a bottle of cold Tuborg on the way. Was joined by Willie Jonstone of the BBC who was also on his way back to his hotel and together we pondered on what might have been. Made it back to the Absalon and bid farewell to the Street Ladies on the way. Downed the bottle of Tuborg then phoned my wife and sorted out my pictures on my camera.

Wed 27th August

0700 - Woke up to the usual chatter of the Street Ladies and some drunken rendering of the Bonnie Bonnie Banks of the River Nith. Felt remakably well under the circumstances and not as flat as the previous evening. Quick shower and met Jane and Harry for breakfast. Had a boiled egg along with some salt fish and cheese.

0800 - Caught the train at the Central Station for the airport and was joined on the way by a chap from Thornhill who had been busking in the streets with his guitar. Eventually reached the airport for check-in along with several tired looking Queens fans who had changed from their kilts into shorts for the flight home.

1020 - Easyjet Airbus took off for Stanstead and enjoyed a can of Tuborg on the way. Flight was full of Queens fans.

1110 - Arrive at Stanstead and head for the Irish pub to wait for our flight to Prestwick. Jimbo has an enormous Full English Breakfast but can't finish it. Meanwhile I play it safe and have Macaroni Cheese with chips.

1555 - Ryanair Boeing takes off for Prestwick. Buy a scratch card and tell one of the female flight attendants that I have won a million euros and then ask her to marry me. Her face turns red and she bursts out linto hysterical laughter.

1705 - Arrive in Prestwick to grey skies and search out Houston's bus which eventually arrives. Very soon we are on our way through the Ayrshire countryside towards Dumfries.

1745 - Emergency Heave Up Stop North of Cumnock - A certain member of our Party has a stomach disorder and has to dive into bushes to heave up. After several minutes of retching we are on our way again.

1915 - Arrive in Dumfries and head for Lord P's house along with Harry and Jane to pick up my car. Greeted by Lord P who shows me a video clip of the game on his monster LCD screen. Makes painful viewing especially the goals we loose. Very soon we were on our way heading for Dalbeattie and Colvend.

2030 - Arrive in Dalbeattie to drop of Harry and Jane. Off again in the diection of Colvend.

2045 - Arrived at Rockcliffe to be greeted by my dear wife who was obviously relieved to see me back in one peice. Had a cup of tea followed by a plate of Tatties and Mince - absolute magic.

My visit to Denmark to watch my beloved Queens in Europe was without doubt a proud and enjoyable experience but this scenario may not happen again for sometime and probably not in my lifetime. The sight of Bomber Harris ramming in that free-kick and the reaction of the Palmy Army will be etched in my memory forever. Queens fans have also made many friends in Denmark and perhaps in the future our younger fans will take their children to Copenhagen and show them where it all happened - Queens first veture into Europe AND I WAS THERE.

As against Rangers at Hampden Queens were within touching distance of glory but alas it was not to be but my god we had some fun on the way.


Stacks of Photos still to go up over the weekend so watch this space...

It's Party Time in the Dubliner

The Old and the New Generation

Stella and Roddy - Ross and the Travel Club Boys

Shanty Tam - Colin and Jim

Norman,Pam and Peter

Shanty Tam live on Danish TV

A Stanstead full English washed down with a pint of Stella

Our magnificent Fans

Queens proudly take the field in the magnificent Farum Park